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Hand Gilded Decorative Art

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Pamela Sawin is an accomplished gilder and instructor for The Art of Metal Leafing,The Gilded Arts, and Gilding for the Decorative Arts. She has taught both adult and adult/child "Art Together" gilding workshops. Pamela enjoys creating ornamental and functional gilded art pieces using the contemporary oil gilding technique with gold, copper, and silver metal leaf. Her artful expressions in gilding displays unique finishing design effects on various surfaces. Pamela explores the rich luminous dimensions of this ancient art of gilding on surfaces such as paper, terracotta, ceramics, stone, metal, wood, seashell and other nature items, and glass.

Pamela also teaches The Fine Art of Interior Decorating in which she includes the topic of the art of lighting and reflective light for a decorative space. Pamela's quote "the soft warm luminescence of gilt colors awaken the senses with reflective light, and brings a welcoming ambiance that honors peace and harmony."

Pamela's custom gilded artistry is available upon special request.

P.O. Box 353 • York, ME 03909 • Tel. 207-361-4629

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