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Gicle Fine Art Reproduction Prints

Giclee prints combine state-of-the-art digital technology with centuries old printmaking tradition. The word "Giclee" is French for "the spritzing or spraying of ink". The incredibly small stream of ink is composed of individual droplets each about three picoliters in volume, tinier than a red blood cell. The printing process is so precise with the highest degree of accuracy and controlled by the computer to provide an image that is faithfully reproduced on a spinning drum. After approximately one hour the printing is complete. Giclées can be made to exactly reproduce the original art, or add subtle changes to enhance the color and contrast of the image, all at the discretion of the artist. 

Once proofing begins, the artist and the printmaker form a creative partnership, the goal being the best possible realization of the artist's vision. Once the final proof (known as bon-a-tier) is signed by the artist, the actual printing is ready to begin. All substrates are acid free and of archival quality. The prints are coated with a special protectant for preservation. Brilliant and rich colors and texture have made Iris¨ prints the reproduction of choice for artists, photographers, museums, galleries, and collectors. The Gicl'e editions are smaller in number than lithography, serigraphy, or off-set printing, making them much more valuable. Unlike traditional printmaking processes, the last printed image in a Gicl'e edition will be as vibrant and clear as the first.   

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